The POLAR Project


May 2017 POLAR analysis workshop in Chateau Mercier Sierre


The POLAR collaboration had a 3 days workshop to review the first results of POLAR and speak about the future.

September 15 2016 at 14:04 UTC


September 2016

On the pad

March 2016

POLAR on top Tiangong 2
First declassified image of Tiangong2 (天:tian 宫:gong 二号:2nd), we can see POLAR bolted on top of the second Chinese space station. POLAR Flight Model has just passed all the combined qualification test with Tiangong 2. POLAR is now ready for a flight in September 2016.

March 2015

POLAR FM just before being closed
POLAR flight model just before beeing definitively closed in DPNC clean room.

April 2015

POLAR FMS in Shanghai for thermal balance test
POLAR flight spare passing the thermal balance tests in Shanghai.