The mission timeline

ASTRO-H has been lanched on February 17 (Friday), 2016 at 17:45 JST. Following the successful launch, the ASTRO-H mission was renamed Hitomi and will follow 4 different phases. After an initial check-out period, Hitomi will go through a Performance Verification phase. Calibration observations were performed on six targets. On March 27, 2016, Hitomi experienced a communication anomaly (see the JAXA Press release ). On 28 April 2016, JAXA officially announced, in a press briefing, that it is unable to expect the recovery of Hitomi, based on accumulating pieces of evidence. The mission was designed for 3 years of operation with possible extensions.

European astronomers would have had access to Hitomi in a similar fashion as with Suzaku (about 8% share). Calls in Europe would be issued by the European Space Agency and its Science Operations Centre, in parallel to the Japanese and US calls.